UVXUltimate Volley Xperience (Netherlands)
UVXUniversal Value Exchange (Financial Services Technology Consortium)
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UVX is controlled by Imetrum's intuitive Video Gauge software.
A atual fonte de luz sincrotron brasileira, UVX, e considerada uma fonte de 2a geracao.
A fonte de luz sincrotron UVX, construida pelo LNLS foi inaugurada em 1997 e, apesar de sua alta confiabilidade e estabilidade, ja nao atende plenamente as necessidades dos pesquisadores.
UVX had a "black belt" assigned to use the Six Sigma methodology as much as possible.
The UVX Ultraviolet Vacuum will be the first of three uprights to be launched this year by Halo, touting the germ-eliminating technology.
King will feature technical information on a series of new products including: K-KAT[R] KX-602, a powder catalyst for uretdione powder coatings; K-KAT[R] KX-604, a mercury-free catalyst for cast elastomers; K-SPERSE[R] 5100, a wetting/dispersing agent for 100% solids epoxies; Disparlon[R] LCN 400, a highly effective, value-priced polyacrylate leveling agent; and the new Disparlon UVX series of defoamers, wetting, and leveling agents for UV systems.
King is featuring the new Disparlon UVX line of additives specifically designed for UV systems as well as technical information for their standard products for high solids, waterborne, and powder coatings including: NACURE acid and latent catalysts, K-KAT urethane catalysts, K-FLEX resin modifiers, K-SPERSE dispersants, NACORR inhibitors, and Disparlon surface control additives.