UWBMUniversity of Washington Burke Museum (University of Washington; Seattle, WA)
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The scope of this project is limited to the application of periodic review policy in UWBM Company, specifically for wheat flour inventory, using real coded Genetic Algorithms approach.
This research is presented to develop the inventory model using periodic review model to solve the inventory problem in UWBM Company as a case study to minimize the total inventory cost.
Bird identifier Date Bird status Ventral apterium UWBM 90689 30-May Study skin Sparse down UWBM 90723 1-Jun Study skin Downy UWBM 90739 5-Jun Study skin Downy 1 30-May Released Sparse down 2 30-May Released Edematous 3 30-May Released Bare (1) 4 6-Jun Released Sparse down Bird identifier Reproductive tract Nesting status UWBM 90689 Ovum 3; oviduct 5 Preparing to lay UWBM 90723 Ova and oviduct tiny Pre laying UWBM 90739 Ova 1; oviduct 1 Pre laying 1 -- Preparing to lay 2 -- Likely incubating 3 -- Likely incubating 4 -- Preparing to lay (1) We failed to note whether this bird had an edematous brood patch.