UWCMUniversity of Wales College of Medicine
UWCMUnited Way of Central Maryland (Baltimore, MD)
UWCMUnited Way of Central Massachusetts (Worcester, MA)
UWCMUganda Women Concern Ministry (est. 1991; Uganda)
UWCMUnited World College Maastricht (Netherlands)
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It wasn't until almost two decades later - during which time Edith and David had bought a plot of land and built a house, seen the birth of four children and fostered seven more - that Edith set up UWCM from her home in 1991.
For more than 86 years, UWCM has engaged members of the community and convened organizations that offer critical services to improve lives locally.
Professor Stephen Tomlinson, currently Vice Chancellor of UWCM who will become Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff University, said: 'I am delighted that all our hard work has paid off and that we are ready to function as one institution.
The Foundry network will provide connections for up to 20,000 users at the University's main campus and for 5,000 users at the UWCM campus two miles away.
DR Bronwen Evans is a lecturer in Child Health at UWCM and a member of the Tooth and Bone Society.
I THINK I can say, from both myself and Councillor Nigel Howell's (Viewpoints, Tuesday April 23), that the UWCM moving its headquarters to the CRI would be one of the most positive pieces of news we've had in the last five years.
UWCM approached Sparhawk, the nation's leading online fundraising company, to take advantage of the rapidly growing capabilities of online fundraising.
The fund-raising initiative is the idea of second-year medical student and president of the UWCM International Society, Alex Leung.
The proposal by UWCM to transform the buildings into a training centre for medical students will ensure that the CRI will continue to serve the people of Cardiff and Wales for many generations to come.
In a joint statement, Cardiff University's vice-chancellor Dr David Grant and UWCM vice- chancellor Prof Stephen Tomlinson, said, 'It will be a world- leading research centre which will increase our understanding of the human brain and ultimately lead to new treatments for sufferers of some very serious afflictions.
The two bodies have a long history of working together but now the Vice Chancellors of Cardiff, Dr David Grant, and UWCM, Prof Stephen Tomlinson, have written to staff recommending a closer relationship.
Professor David Wynford- Thomas, head of pathology at UWCM, and his team in Cardiff, have successfully managed to turn normal human brain cells to cancer cells - malignant glioma, the most common form of brain cancer - by manipulating individual genes.