UWKUltras White Knights (Africa)
UWKUniversitas Wijaya Kusuma (Indonesian: University of Wijaya Kusuma)
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The UWK described what happened as "a deliberate massacre, premeditated murder.
The UWK, whom Mansour accuses of having tried to assassinate him, are barred from Al-Zamalek events.
The trial for the rest of the UWK members will be on 2 August.
The UWK often refer to Mansour as the "dog of the system", for his alleged connections to the Egyptian regime.
Disputes between the UWK and Mansour have become commonplace.
Security forces further arrested in March 52 students and UWK members who participated in a protest at Fayoum University.
Tarek El-Awady, a high-profile lawyer defending the 21 UWK members, confirmed to Daily News Egypt that "the judge was due in court this [Sunday] morning to rule on the case but the session was called off due to the incident".
Mansour had previously filed a lawsuit against the UWK, the football fan group supporting Al-Zamalek, demanding that the group be dissolved and designated as a terrorist organisation.
The verdict also followed the start of a trial against 16 people, including UWK members, charged with violent acts, arson and rioting that led on 8 February to a stampede outside Cairo's Air Defence Stadium, in which 20 people were killed.
Although the direct cause of deaths were attributed to the security's violent dispersal of the crowding fans, no security officials were held accountable or prosecuted, a UWK member told Daily News Egypt.
The employment of the law against the fans follows two failed attempts by Mortada Mansour, the controversial president of Zamalek, to persuade the courts to ban the UWK as a terrorist organisation.
UWK is nevertheless convinced that it was targeted by security forces, much like militant supports of Zamalek arch rival Al-Ahly were three years ago.