UWKAUniversity of Wyoming King Air (research aircraft)
UWKAUnited Way of the Kearney Area (Nebraska)
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Paired with data from the UWKA, surface snow crystal imaging, and dual-Doppler wind syntheses, the coevolution of the snow microphysics and kinematics was documented in unprecedented detail.
UWKA in situ and cloud radar observations reveal that this overland convection is much stronger than would be driven by such relatively weak surface heat fluxes alone--usually less than 50 W [m.
UWKA observations are being exploited to document the structure and dynamics of the individual convective cells and the thermodynamic and kinematic environment in which they form.
Some students spent the majority of their time at fixed sites, while others traveled with mobile sounding units, DOWs, mesonet vehicles, MIPS, mobile snow measurement systems, and the UWKA (Fig.
Yet another exciting field experience for students involved their participation in UWKA flight operations.
We greatly appreciate the participation of a large number of students, volunteers, facilities managers, and staff for MIPS, MUPS, DOWs, and UWKA, and weather forecasters from the Buffalo and Binghamton NOAA/NWS Forecast Offices.
There were many challenges for the UWKA on the ground, on the runway, and in the air.
11 (1248:121248:42 UTC) at the -8[degrees]C level, the UWKA measured a region of 4 to 9 m [s.
12 (1343:351344:05 UTC) at the -12[degrees]C level, the UWKA encountered a broad updraft of 4 to 9 m [s.
NSF (AGS-1441831) funded the participation of the UWKA.
Figure SB3 shows several drops imaged by the 2D precipitation (2DP) OAP on the UWKA as it passed through a single cloud on 2 August.