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UWLUniversity of Wales, Lampeter
UWLUniversal Worklist (SAP Enterprise Portal)
UWLUniversity of Wisconsin - LaCrosse
UWLUniversity Word List
UWLUltra Wide Lens (photography)
UWLUnstirred Water Layer
UWLUltimate Woodsball League (paintball)
UWLUnderwater Launch
UWLunderfloor wheel lathe
UWLUrban Warfare Logistics
UWLUkrainian Women's League
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This sequence in Fischer's cross-examination of Resha: UWL AD 1812 F25, vol.
Therefore, from the point of view of the students' vocabulary needs, learning the word families from these three lists (the GSL, the UWL, and the economics specialty-words list) takes priority over learning any other kind of vocabulary.
The texts that remain will be representative of the target domain: 95% of their tokens (or slightly less, if proper nouns are allowed) will be words found in the GSL, UWL, and economics word lists.
Note that, of course, only the unfamiliar words that are also GSL, UWL, and economics list words are added.
TextLadder does not ensure that all the words on all three lists (GSL, UWL, and economics word list) are encountered.
Bouygues Energies and Services will work in partnership with the University to progressively enhance services and find efficiencies for reinvestment in UWL s estate.
UWL options have been allocated to lead market maker Michael Resch of DRZ Derivatives.
UWL intends to appoint either a single service provider for all 4 Lots or a sole provider for each Lot.