UWMCUniversity of Washington Medical Center
UWMCUniversity of Wisconsin Marathon County
UWMCUnited Way of Metropolitan Chicago (Chicago, IL)
UWMCUnited Way of Morris County (Morristown, NJ)
UWMCUniversity of Wisconsin-Manitowoc
UWMCUnited Way of Midland County (Michigan)
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UWMC is using a Web-enabled clinical information system called MINDscape.
The UWMC experiment; an innovative care management project (see page 26); and a clinical e-mail consultation initiative (see page 28) are demonstrating the power of the Web to connect clinicians -- regardless of space, time, or political boundaries.
What's particularly interesting about the UWMC initiative is its scope on both local and micro levels and its expanding reach across broad geographic reaches.
a physician and clinical informatics director at UWMC, to assess outcome and quality measures such as rate of hypertension control," dovetailed nicely with the broader clinical data repository initiative.
UWMC had a clinical information system with a partial data repository in place when it began the MINDscape initiative in Fall 1995.
Karen Syrala of the FHCRC (Surviving and Thriving After Melanoma) and Fran Lewis PhD RN of the UWMC (When Mom or Dad Have Melanoma: Helping the Child Manage).
UWMC and Harborview also licensed Lawson's Business Component Integrator (BCI) to enable the Human Resource applications to interface with current campus systems.
UWMC expects to save $30,000 over the next few years with this advanced technology and equally important, it is much more friendly to the environment.
The addition of the UWMC now means that the Cord Blood Program partners with two of the largest birthing centers in the state.
After being trained by Cord Blood Program specialists, the staff in the Labor and Delivery Department at UWMC will collect the cord blood from consented patients and send it to the Blood Center for processing and storage.
The auction of this vehicle is a significant way for all of us to support the efforts of the Agassi and Stark families, while helping UWMC raise awareness and funds for their important work.
The UWMC Breast Care and Cancer Research Center is comprised of world-renowned physicians and researchers who integrate scientific advances in cancer biology into cutting edge clinical care in the prevention, detection, and treatment of breast cancer.