UWMCUniversity of Washington Medical Center
UWMCUniversity of Wisconsin Marathon County
UWMCUnited Way of Metropolitan Chicago (Chicago, IL)
UWMCUnited Way of Morris County (Morristown, NJ)
UWMCUniversity of Wisconsin-Manitowoc
UWMCUnited Way of Midland County (Michigan)
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In particular, the overall grouping of strategies used for the UWMC include daylight and solar control, optimized air supply, heat recovery chillers, and reduced lighting.
UWMC is using a Web-enabled clinical information system called MINDscape.
The UWMC experiment; an innovative care management project (see page 26); and a clinical e-mail consultation initiative (see page 28) are demonstrating the power of the Web to connect clinicians -- regardless of space, time, or political boundaries.
What's particularly interesting about the UWMC initiative is its scope on both local and micro levels and its expanding reach across broad geographic reaches.
a physician and clinical informatics director at UWMC, to assess outcome and quality measures such as rate of hypertension control," dovetailed nicely with the broader clinical data repository initiative.
UWMC had a clinical information system with a partial data repository in place when it began the MINDscape initiative in Fall 1995.
As previously stated, the project work is located at the intersection of four different building additions and infrastructure systems (see Attachment #1 UWMC Complex Overall Map).
The transfer to UWMC on Thursday, October 9, did not take long and I was soon experiencing a new hospital, new floor, new room, new staff, new attending physician--Dr.
I entered UWMC with weight loss, fluid discharge, and the return of my heart to sinus rhythm as top priorities.
On Thursday, October 16, 7 days after entering UWMC, I was ready to go home--slightly stronger, more in sync, and aware of the steep climb to recovery ahead.
the genetic pathologist, at the Center for Human Development at UWMC.
UWMC and Harborview also licensed Lawson's Business Component Integrator (BCI) to enable the Human Resource applications to interface with current campus systems.