UWNCAUnited Way of the National Capital Area (Vienna, VA)
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In September, UWNCA board members accepted the resignation of its CEO and approved a series of reforms that included slashing $3 million from an operating budget of $7.
One of the first contacts that UWNCA made was an e-mail message to all agencies that the organization serves, all the businesses, all the corporations that participate in the annual campaign.
Taylor leaving UWNCA in September, 2002, an overhauling of the board, revamping bylaws, and hiring Robert Egger as interim executive vice president in an attempt to nip negative public perception.
The $100,000 General Mills Foundation matching grant is part of a $400,000 four-year partnership with the UWNCA to promote increased awareness of the importance of regular physical exercise and healthy eating habits among youth.
In fact, over the past two years, America's Charities attempted several times to initiate collaboration with the UWNCA, to discover ways to work together to regain the trust of employers and donors in the DC area.
The board wouldn't object if the audit went further than 1997, although cost is an issue, said Neal Barkus, UWNCA acting board president.
RCN also encourages its employees to take part in the communities in which they work and live by volunteering their time and talents to the local United Way chapters or other favorite charities and organizations," said RCN General Manager, Don Channell, who accepted the award at an UWNCA event this week.
UWNCA officials planned to begin implementing the changes within days of the announcement.
What the Board examined and adopted today is a prescription for restoring public trust, as well as transforming UWNCA into the open, accountable and efficient community service organization that the Greater Washington Area community deserves," said A.
After that work began, some board members objected to the relationship that firm already had with the organization, and UWNCA sought a different firm.
Contributions to date through UWNCA total $1,440,005.