UWSUUniversity of Warwick Students Union (UK)
UWSUUniversity of Westminster Students' Union (UK)
UWSUUniversity of Wolverhampton Students' Union (UK)
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The biggest change that UWSU will deliver will be the addition of more "active" sonars, which will replace the previous dependency on "passive" sonars.
The sonars being upgraded as part of UWSU will also have a longer range than the current system.
The ability to seamlessly interface with airborne resources will be a major selling point in Team Triton's bid for UWSU.
If Team Triton is successful in delivering the new sonar systems under UWSU, there will be a major advantage in the systems being directly compatible with the Cyclones and Auroras.
With the Halifax-class modernization project wrapping up, and CSC coming on line by the late 2020s/early 2030s, Team Triton recognizes the need to conduct the UWSU program in a short space of time.
To strengthen the UWSU team, the Ottawa-based company has brought together Raytheon Canada and Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems to form Team Triton.
Colonel (ret'd) Jeff Tasseron, who is overseeing the UWSU pursuit, says the team's goal is to leverage existing partnerships with the RCN and Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) to "not only deliver a cutting-edge solution and start to march us along the future of ASW, but also meet the government's desire to spur technological investment (and) get high-quality engineering jobs and capacity in Canada.
While the MHP and AIMP programs and UWSU have had their own schedules, compatibility of systems has been a key part of the overall strategy, Tasseron, a former naval aviator, said.
However, the UWSU experience could prove invaluable.
The export aspect of UWSU should not be overlooked.