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Tall and debonair, often wearing a stetson, fawn duffel coat and sporting a matinee idol moustache, Howard would smoke with his 9-inch cigarette holder as he pondered the latest UXB.
Mr Owen added: "When Llandarcy was bombed one UXB (unexploded bomb) went under a three million-gallon tank and Archer and his team dug down to it and he raced to disarm it.
Fortunately for UXB personnel, there were no timed delay fuses or booby traps built into the weapons.
If any unexploded devices are spotted it is likely that Army UXB teams will be drafted in to tackle them.
Our goal is to return current sites where munitions are presently, or past sites which may have been formerly used for military training or operations, to nonhazardous areas," said Rich Dugger, President and Chief Operations Officer of UXB.
Items from the collection have featured in a number of television and film productions including Brideshead Revisited, Yanks, Danger UXB, All Creatures Great and Small and Atonement.
Carole Patterson, East Kilbride A Danger UXB ran for 13 episodes in 1979.
It was defused by a UXB sguad, but Lizzie woke up in a sweat for many years, imagining the bedside clock to be that bomb.
Over the years he's starred in everything from The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner to The Avengers, Z Cars, The Saint, Play for Today, Crown Court, General Hospital, Danger UXB, Juliet Bravo, Minder, The Bill, The Chief, All Creatures Great and Small, Trainer, Boon, Grange Hill, Heartbeat, Casualty and Space Precinct.
Volume 1 includes Big Brother, The Russians Are Coming, A Losing Streak, No Greater Love and A Touch Of Class; Volume 2 includes Friday 14th, Ticker Than Water, Hole In One, The Longest Night and Tea For Three; Volume 3 includes Yuppy Love, Danger UXB, Stage Fright and Three Men, A Woman And A Baby.
Hawkesworth's own favourite series was Danger UXB (1979), about a Blitz bomb disposal unit, which launched Anthony Andrews.