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Plans are underway to install UXF Training Zones in the majority of New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington Sports Clubs by the end of 2013; so far, more than 55 Town Sports International locations offer this new feature.
The UXF Training Zones have become so popular with our members that we're now planning to install 50 percent more than the amount we'd originally projected.
Ripped classes offered in the new UXF Training Zones blend plyometrics, core work with functional strength training to burn calories, build muscle while increasing stamina and agility.
Knowing that the Hunger Games is all about survival of the fittest, we chose to model the workout after the New York Sports Clubs' UXF classes which subscribes to the same 'ultimate athlete' mentality," said Salvador.
For additional information on the "Train Like a Tribute" or UXF small group training classes, including class schedules and club locations, visit www.