UYPUnlocking Your Potential (Edge Learning Institute; Tacoma, WA)
UYPUganda Young Positives (Kampala, Uganda)
UYPUpper Yield Point (engineering)
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The information learned at UYP is comprehensive, timely and important .
Dominick said that she chose to apply to UYP during the Center for Lifelong Learning at the 90th Annual Session in Boston.
What surprised me the most was the UYP leadership team," Dominick continued.
Diane Arnold, RDH, BS, from Arkansas says the UYP 2010 conference gave her the courage to think big.
New or seasoned on the leadership continuum, working on improving communications skills is a core part of the UYP Weekend that all attendees have found useful.
Using communication to bring in volunteers from all generations and helping everyone feel included is another benefit of attending UYP.
Differences in communication style, technology, and adherence to 'rules' were some of the top issues identified by UYP participants in working with leaders from different generations.
Rust-Clark learned at UYP that her preferred tools of communication may not be the same as other members of the board and that she must be willing to adapt to other methods.
One thing I gained from UYP was that each generation has their own strengths and weaknesses.
According to some of the UYP attendees, simply learning about the conference was empowering.
The information at UYP helped me personally with leadership, even more than I first thought.
My journey to UYP started when I attended my first annual session this summer in Washington, D.