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UZANUnie van Zuid-Amerikaanse Naties (Dutch: Union of South American Nations)
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Posting on his Twitter account on Sunday night, Uzan said: "Someone must come to the forefront and sweep out those who are hurting Turkey.
Uzan was working as a security guard at a young girl's bat mitzvah - coming of age party - when he was killed.
before the bad news struck," Uzan said in a trembling voice.
The branches of six European banks have been asked by New York's state banking regulator, to submit details of dealings with Turkey's Uzan family and a Jordanian bank, reports Reuters.
Earlier this month, the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) has concluded the 6-year-old Libananco case between the Republic of Turkey and the Uzan Family, taking a decision in favor of Turkey in the $10.
and Uzan is Founder and Executive Director of the Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee.
At home, the Erdogans are at war with the Uzan business clan.
The board then said the winner of the tender, Standard Kimya, a company owned by the Uzan family, had failed to fulfill the required conditions.
The court found that Keller should have known that Uzan was dangerous after three former employees, all of them teenaged girls, informed Keller that Uzan had sexually harassed or assaulted them on the premises.
The judge in the US case between Motorola Inc and the Uzan family, which Motorola accuses of defrauding it of billions of dollars, has agreed to stay a $4.
Rakoff of the United States District Court, Southern District of New York denied a motion by the Uzan family of Turkey to stay the Court's $4.