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UZIUnieke Zorgverlener Identificatie (Dutch: Caring Unique Identification)
UZIUnione Zoologica Italiana
UZIUniversal Zealots, Inc. (gaming)
UZIUpheaval-Zombie Infestation (gaming)
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In 2008, an 8-year-old boy died after accidentally shooting himself in the head with an Uzi at a gun expo near Springfield, Massachusetts.
Insp Walter Kilcullen, who is based in West Dublin, suggested during a Garda conference that had the victim been carrying an Uzi he may have survived the attack at a Co Louth credit union.
JAILED: Stephen Jones and, right, the Uzi submachine gun in a black zipped bag as it was found in his bedroom
The picture of a take-charge Secret Service agent wielding an up-lifted Uzi seconds after John Hinkley, Jr.
Keers pushed the knife into Mr Halcrow's stomach leaving a small mark, and Whitehead hit him over the head with the butt of the Uzi saying: "It's not the knife you have go to worry about, I've got a gun.
Seized: The Uzi sub-machine gun found during a West Midlands Police investigation.
Powerful Uzi submachine guns are capable of firing 600 rounds a minute.
The dark-haired youth also admitted possessing a Uzi submachine, a silencer and two counts of possessing ammunition on April 24.
During the event, many of the more famous alumni, such as Uzi Landau and Ilana Dayan met with this year's scholarship recipients.
Uzi Sasson has been appointed vice president of finance, CFO and secretary of Santa Clara-based IXYS Corporation .