UZPUrzad Zamowien Publicznych (Polish: Public Procurement Office; Poland)
UZPUniunea Ziaristilor Profesionisti (din Româia)
UZPUrease and Zirconium Phosphate (biochemistry)
UZPUnited Zeolite Products (First American Scientific Corp.)
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In September 2004, the UZP joint venture team was joined by Thelon Ventures Ltd after they committed to provide a $ 450,000 Cdn cash investment in UZP to complete the construction of the Princeton plant.
In February 2004, FASC announced it had joined UZP as an equal partner to build and operate a specialty zeolite processing plant in Princeton, B.
The UZP plant in Princeton is being constructed to supply "micronized" zeolite as the new process is commercialized.
The subject of the tender is the restoration 8 pieces of statues on the building UZP Prague 6 and 7, which are in disrepair and need to be done to fix them.
The subject of the tender is regular cleaning service in the building FEU JMK, UZP Brno and I.
The subject of public procurement is an extension of IT infrastructure in budive UZP Prague 2 in accordance with the needs of financial management.
Clearer understanding of roles and responsibilities of devolved department vis-a-vis the UZP.