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UALUnited Airlines (ICAO code)
UALUniversity of the Arts, London (London, England, UK; formerly London Institute)
UALUniversity of Almería (Almería, Spain)
UALUser Access Layer
UALUniversal Auxiliary Language
UALUser Agent Layer
UALUnité Arithmétique et Logique (French)
UALUndergraduate Academic Life (Stanford University; California)
UALUniversity of Alicante (Alicante, Spain)
UALUnified Accelerator Library (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
UALUser Account Lockdown
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I could have given my own sect the preference and made everybody a Presby- terian without any trouble, but that would have been to affront a law of human nature: spiritual wants and instincts are as various in the human family as are physical appetites, complexions, and features, and a man is only at his best, morally, when he is equipped with the religious garment whose color and shape and size most nicely accommodate themselves to the spirit- ual complexion, angularities, and stature of the indi- vidual who wears it; and, besides, I was afraid of a united Church; it makes a mighty power, the mightiest conceivable, and then when it by and by gets into selfish hands, as it is always bound to do, it means death to human liberty and paralysis to human thought.
Excluding special charges, UAL reported third-quarter net income of USD 669 million, diluted earnings per share of USD 2.
In 2011/2012, the first year since UAL became an Academy, UAL's national measure for five GCSEs at A* to C grades including English and Maths showed an increase such that it was among the most improved schools in Liverpool in that year.
15 March 2011 - India's CARE yesterday upgraded the ratings assigned to Indian-based cement sheets maker UAL Industries Ltd's long and short-term bank facilities to BBB+ from BBB and PR3+ from PR3, respectively.
Is anyone familiar with UAL and their 2002 bankruptcy and financial restructuring (UAL is profitable today.
UAL and Continental are in talks for a possible stock merger with no premium, a person familiar with the matter said late on Thursday.
But US Airways decision to pull out could reduce UAL s negotiating leverage.
Because we had lost a business, we knew the importance of saving and not overspending," Melody recalls of the couple's plans for UAL, which opened in 1980 in Hattiesburg.
UAL added that it increased fares by USD$25 to USD$50 on Thursday for one-way trips in about 50 markets where the airline faces low-fare competition.
The New York Stock Exchange, which halted the trading of UAL shares Thursday morning, is considering withdrawing the UAL stock from the market after it plunged by more than 65% when it resumed trading Thursday afternoon.
Because the TMP's role under the UAL procedures is pivotal, it is crucial for the Service to keep track of the TMP's identity at any point in time.
While UAL has not ruled out offering the benefits, it has also joined in a lawsuit with other major carriers challenging San Francisco's right to require firms based outside the city to comply with the ordinance.