UCOSUnsolved Crime and Open Case Squad (TV show; UK)
UCOSUnbundled Cost of Service
UCOSUSIGS Common Object Specification
UCOSUser Configurable Open System
UCOSUniversal Checkout Stations (NASA)
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By running the MOV quarterly, the command projects improvements will support a 5 percent reduction in UCOs and the estimated de-obligation of $10 million quarterly.
The Alyeska Pipeline Services Company and LAP's new UCOS SCADA systems were supplied by Control Systems International (CSI), which also provided the implementation engineering for the projects.
During the event, the African-American Faculty and Staff Association and the Black Student Association, will recognize Myron Pope, UCOs vice president for student affairs, with the You Made a Difference Award and also will honor the first African-American athlete to graduate from UCO, Booker T.
Tenders are invited for this scope of services is in support of process control systems including ucos infocenter, sql and oracle databases, security systems, and wqms.
WE LOVE DRAMA NEW TRICKS (BBC1, 9pm) ANOTHER day, another gruesome murder uncovered for the UCOS team to solve.
The UCOS boys investigate the case while also trying to set up their boss, Sasha (Tamzin Outhwaite) on a date with Fiona's coworker, Adam.
So, it's only fair that his exit plays out over two episodes, which see UCOS investigating the death of a copper whose body has lain untouched in a basement for 30 years.
NEW TRICKS BBC1 9pm Television's most successful drama continues apace, with the UCOS team led by Sasha Miller (Tamzin Outhwaite, above) investigating the murder of interpreter Agnes Bradley.
We only ask because this episode of New Tricks focuses on just half the UCOS team - the half made up of Dennis Waterman and new boy Denis Lawson.
Lawson plays Steve McAndrew, a retired Strathclyde CID officer who boogies on down to UCOS to follow up an old case of his from almost a decade ago.
New Tricks (BBC1, 9pm) Tonight the UCOS team investigate when a convicted paedophile is released from prison and confesses to a child murder twenty five years previously.