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UltraSTARUltrasound Structured Attribute Reporting
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As the first 10TB drop-in ready HDD, the HGST Ultrastar He10 HDD provides the highest capacity, lowest power consumption per TB and the highest reliability rating of all HDDs on the market.
5-inch small form factor (SFF), enterprise-class Ultrastar C10K1800 combines high capacity with a significant improvement in both random write and sequential performance for mission-critical storage applications requiring 24/7 availability.
By fusing unmatched capacity with ultimate performance in the same drive, the Ultrastar C10K1800 offers the optimal balance of capacity, performance and cost.
customers will continue to benefit from our field-proven Ultrastar hard drive
The new Ultrastar 7K4000 drive is the third generation using the Ultrastar design.
Isilon's new IQ 108NL leverages Isilon's OneFS operating system and Hitachi Ultrastar 3TB drives to deliver more than 15PB in a single file system and single volume, providing optimal efficiency for big data storage to maximize return on investment.
Additionally, Eckart offers ULTRASTAR UV Silver, a UV curable metallic ink also based on vacuum metalized pigment dispersion technology for flexo printing.
The Ultrastar 15K147 is Hitachi's highest-performer, delivering average seek times as fast as 3.
In the end, both companies make high capacity, reliable disks based on the same Ultrastar 18LZX disk drives.
They are already shipping, and will progressively replace all the existing Ultrastar products being manufactured at the moment.
A deal has been agreed between the owners of the Yankee Stadium club and Bowie's UltraStar company, to offer fans Internet access and e-mail addresses at YankeesExtreme, plus stacks and stacks of information about their favourite team.
NasdaqCM: DCIN), a fast-growing motion picture exhibitor dedicated to transforming movie theaters into digital entertainment centers, together with its new joint venture partner, Start Media, LLC, today announced the closing of the purchase of seven theaters with an aggregate of 74 fully digital screens from UltraStar Cinemas.