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USSUnited States Ship
USSUniversal Studios Singapore (movie theme park)
USSUnited States Steel
USSUnited States Senate
USSUkrainian Security Service (law enforcement)
USSUnion Syndicale Suisse (Swiss Federation of Trade Unions)
USSUniversity Student Senate (various schools)
USSUniversities Superannuation Scheme (UK)
USSUnix System Services
USSUnformatted System Services
USSUphill Start Support
USSUnix System Services (IBM)
USSUniversal Spine System (medical equipment)
USSUnited States Swimming
USSUnit Supply Specialist (US Army)
USSUltra Steep Spectrum (astronomy)
USSUltrasound Scan
USSUnder-Seat Steering
USSUbiquitous Synergy Seeker (band)
USSUniversity Support Services (various universities)
USSUnity Secondary School (Singapore)
USSUndersea Systems
USSUnited Seamen's Service
USSUnderground Storage System (various locations)
USSUnited Star Ship (Star Trek)
USSUnix Systems Services
USSUniform Symbology Specification
USSUtility Support Systems, Inc. (various locations)
USSUnit Security Supervisor (Canada)
USSUpload Speed Sense (P2P, eMule)
USSUnited States Survey
USSUncorrected Sum of Squares
USSUptake Signal Sequences
USSUndergraduate Summer School (various schools)
USSUtility Support Structure (US NASA)
USSUnique Support Structure
USSUpshaw-Schulman Syndrome
USSUniversal Suppression Service (software)
USSUltrasonic Soldering
USSUniversal Support System
USSUnited State Standard
USSUser Services Subsystem
USSUser Services Support
USSUnit Supply System
USSUni-Strut Support
USSUnsynchronized System
USSUnited Specialty Services (Galesburg, IL)
USSUser Support Subsystem
USSUSAREUR Support System
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BabyFlix's DVD Connect service makes it easy for parents to upload their ultrasound scans, personal baby photos and videos to a secure, cloud-based storage system with a click of a button.
The majority of patients elected to have NIPT based on positive screening on CFTS, or markers of aneuploidy detected on the second-trimester ultrasound scan (Table 2).
I pre-warned Day Stay that Anna was coming and may need to be booked for an ultrasound scan.
All women gave informed verbal consent for and had transvaginal ultrasound scan, but a transabdominal ultrasound scan was also performed in the presences of a mass extending beyond the pelvis or failure to visualise the ovaries with the transvaginal probe.
Researchers at the Shoklo Malaria Research Unit on the border of Thailand and Myanmar, part of the Wellcome Trust-Mahidol University-Oxford University Tropical Medicine Research Programme, have used ultrasound scans to provide the first direct evidence of the effect of malaria on foetal growth in pregnancies.
Combining IntelliGender with the Ultrasound scan at the early stages of pregnancy can be beneficial in the baby's gender detection increasing the results accuracy and consequently reducing parents' disappointments, she said.
When I read the medical reports, I found it was an ultrasound scan of a pregnancy," Al Mazeina said in a radio report.
Ten years ago, pregnant women in Hanoi would obtain an ultrasound scan only on indication, and five years ago the technology was still used only sporadically.
Transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasound scan showed a 10x7x5 cm homogeneous liquid mass in the pouch of Douglas.
Typically, the patient has been referred to the unit for further evaluation of a suspicious finding on a 2-D ultrasound scan.
Her second daughter was aborted after an ultrasound scan showed she was female, a practice that is routine in China.
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