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UMTSUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System
UMTSUniversal Mobile Telecommunications Service
UMTSUniversal Mobile Telephone Service
UMTSUniversal Mobile Telephony System
UMTSUniversal Maintenance Training System
UMTSUniversal Military Training & Service
UMTSUniversity of Michigan Parking and Transportation Services
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Huawei and Qualcomm Technologies successfully completed end-to-end testing of a Scalable UMTS prototype in November 2012 at Huawei s Shanghai lab.
The Finland decision follows recent news in Japan, another advanced wireless market, that IPMobile, a Japanese broadband wireless services company, has submitted its application to deploy a UMTS TDD system in the same 2010 MHz spectrum which was recently allocated by the Japanese regulator exclusively for UMTS TDD use.
In this way, Telefonica Moviles meets the strategic commitment made with the Spanish government last December, whereby the pre-commercial launch of the first UMTS service was set for the last quarter of 2003 and the commercial launch of 3G services was scheduled to begin in 2004, subject to handset availability.
Provides readers, particularly those with a background in IP-based networks, with a technical understanding of what UMTS does, how it works and how it is likely to evolve
Huawei and Qualcomm have successfully completed end-to-end testing of a Scalable UMTS prototype in November 2012 at Huawei s Shanghai laboratory facilities.
We are pleased to support PTC as they introduce innovative mobile high-speed data services on their UMTS network," said Stan Szuder, customer group leader, Central and Eastern Europe for Lucent Technologies.
Vicki Livingston, 3G Americas' Director of Marketing, commented, "Release 5 takes UMTS a step further with enhancements that will benefit both customers and operators with higher data rates at lower cost.
Ying Weimin, President of Huawei GSM&UMTS&LTE Wireless Networks, said: "Huawei is the only vendor to successfully deploy a UMTS Flexible Carrier Bandwidth solution for a large-scale commercial network.
Two weeks ago more than 60 telecommunications executives from 21 countries convened in Johannesburg, South Africa for the Alliance's highly successful first-ever UMTS TDD Summit.
Based on shipments globally of non-line-of-site plug-and-play systems and commercial deployments to-date, UMTS TDD has emerged as the leading standard for next-generation wireless broadband.
Today's 3G UMTS networks are evolving to deliver increased capacity, reliability and data performance.
Agilent's broad range of OSS and communications test solutions provide visibility of UMTS network and service problems across the entire service lifecycle--from network planning, rollout and optimization to ongoing service troubleshooting and quality management.