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UMUniversity of Malta
UMUser Modeling
UMUniversity of Maine (Orono, ME)
UMUnified Messaging
UMUniversity of Minnesota
UMUniversity of Miami (Florida)
UMUniversity of Maryland
UMUniversity of Manitoba
UMUnited Methodist
UMUniversity of Michigan (also seen as U-M)
UMUniversidade do Minho (Portugal)
UMUniversity of Missouri
UMUniversity of Massachusetts
UMUniversity of Montana
UMUniversity of Manchester (UK)
UMUniversity of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia)
UMUniversity of Mississippi
UMUniversidad de Montevideo (Spanish: University of Montevideo; Montevideo, Uruguay)
UMUniversity of Memphis (Tennessee)
UMUtilization Management
UMUniversiti Malaya (Malaya University, Malaysia)
UMUS Minor Outlying Islands (airline code)
UMUsers Manual
UMUniversidad de Morón (Spanish: University of Morón; Argentina)
UMUpper Marlboro (Maryland)
UMUnified Model
UMUrban Myth
UMUser Module
UMUnaccompanied Minor
UMUninsured Motorist coverage (protects a motorist against damage from an accident with an uninsured motorist)
UMUniversité de Montréal
UMUnit of Measurement
UMUniversité de Moncton (French; Nouveau-Brunswick, Québec)
UMAir Zimbabwe (airline code)
UMUpper Motor (neurons)
UMUnit Manager
UMUnable to Maintain
UMUnacknowledged Mode (telecommunications)
UMUltimate Muscle (video game)
UMUmbria Mobilità (Italian public transport company)
UMUniversity of Maastricht (Netherlands)
UMUnexplained-Mysteries (website)
UMUnderground Mine
UMUniversal Modem
UMUnscheduled Maintenance
UMUniversity of Malaga
UMUnit Movement
UMUniversity of Manila (Philippines)
UMUniform Methodology (finance)
UMUncertainty Modelling
UMUniform Manifest (HAZMAT)
UMUnit of Measure Code
UMUlkoasiainministeriö/Utrikesministeriet (Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland)
UMUltimortal (comic strip)
UMUnauthorized Monitoring
UMUnderwater Mechanic
UMWake/Midway Islands (ISO country code)
UMUnión para a Mudanza (Spanish: Union for Change, Guinea-Bissau)
UMUARS Missions (NASA)
UMMicrometer (Micron, 1x10^-6 SI meters; Greek Letter Mu (µ), not u)
UMUnmatched Map
References in classic literature ?
The imperial authority, unable to maintain the public order, declined by degrees till it was almost extinct in the anarchy, which agitated the long interval between the death of the last emperor of the Suabian, and the accession of the first emperor of the Austrian lines.
However, over time, the company has been unable to maintain compliance and minimize odors.
Larkspur were unable to maintain their early season form as Alder had Chris Noon and Seb Langley on target in a 2-0 win whilst last season's champions Fazakerley kept up winning ways with Kevin Townson and Ste Groves earning a 2-0 win against Thirly.
Trainer Jonathan Pease said: "Bago was the top two-year-old in Europe and he was unable to maintain his level through three seasons.
Within seconds, the sound emitted by the weapon causes people to fall to their knees, unable to maintain their balance.
The negative outlook reflects the risk, in our view, that FI's profitability and financial ratio improvements may not be sufficient to sustain the BB+ rating," an analyst said, adding the rating could be lowered in case the analysts were to consider Fiat Industrial's financial policy too aggressive or if the group were unable to maintain adequate liquidity at both the equipment and financial services divisions.
With a weak central government Sanaa is unable to maintain full control over Yemeni territory.
pullout was successful or not has seen the process fail on a number of fronts with Iraqi security forces being unable to maintain security.
Now the potholes in the roads; to be unable to maintain them is ridiculous.
However, the 14thranked runner-up was unable to maintain that early form and Taylor won nine straight legs.
US and European customers are unable to maintain enough credit, and Asia demand remains weak," Mutlaq Al-Morished told a conference in Dubai.
She had been unable to maintain mobile telephone contact with him and climbed to the top and raised the alarm.