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UTQUnión de Trabajadores de Quetzaltenango (Union of Workers of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)
UTQUnable to Quote (purchasing)
UTQUnité Territoriale de Quartier (French: Unit Territorial Headquarters)
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Socialist leader Dave Nellist said he was unable to quote exact figures, because they were in a private document deemed too commercially sensitive to make public.
One fifth of organisations were unable to quote an average email response time, while web enquiries fared little better.
The Commissioner is equally unable to quote EU legislation which could prevent broadcasting giants tipping the competition scales in their favour over exclusivity on a national level.
It may be said at once that Dr MacKillop's book is much the better, even though he had not the approval of the Leavis executors (of whom Professor Singh is one), and as a consequence is unable to quote from the writings of Leavis or his wife at much length but has been compelled to paraphrase a great deal.
The Nation is unable to quote Radosh's version of events directly because when the magazine contacted him by phone, he unleashed what my associate Alex Straus calls "a slew of obscenities' " Nevertheless, Radosh's supporters need not shed any tears for him.
Two would not quote and two were unable to quote for technical reasons.
The article went on to explain that - conveniently for its author,given that he was unable to quote anybody by name - the whole transaction was as yet top secret.
Most of the big names are in action in Los Angeles this week, but with play going on through the night, Stan James are unable to quote any match prices until later today.
Ron Hubbard published by Henry Holt & Company would have been unable to quote a small excerpt from Hubbard's journals but for the fact that the plaintiff had waited too long to bring the lawsuit.