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Tenders are invited for Procurement of underspeed sensors/proximity sensors along with control units for the conveyors under piparwar project
Safety enhancing autopilot underspeed protection (USP) is an optional feature and allows the autopilot to assist with airspeed management, as well as enabling fully coupled go-arounds, greatly reducing pilot workload during this critical phase of flight.
The GFC 600 and GFC 500 incorporate a number of safety-enhancing technologies, including Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP), underspeed protection, overspeed protection, Level Mode, Flight Director (FD) and more.
IFM ELECTRONIC says its new DU110S safe underspeed monitor is designed to do just that to the highest SIL3 / PLe safety level at a very competitive price.
System shutdowns are provided for low oil pressure, high water temperature, overcrank, overspeed and underspeed.
The company also offers a number of monitoring systems for accurate sensing of underspeed, overspeed, and zero speed conditions in machinery, a Continuous Level Indicator for inventory and process monitoring during filling processes, and various mass flow monitoring devices.
The truth is that escalators stop only when someone activates the specially designed STOP button, or if there is an obstruction, overspeed, or underspeed of steps or handrails.
This includes 17 fault conditions coupled to automatic shut downs of the set, such as low oil pressure, radiator fan failure, over or underspeed, overload, fire shutdown, low coolant level and the like.
Properly applied, motion detection devices can signal underspeed conditions be[ore conveyor drive motors overload and trip.
This includes envelope protection, voice annunciations, underspeed and overspeed warnings and a variety of other functions the market expects from a new autopilot.
When there is a mismatch in power output between the two engines (overspeed, underspeed, or engine flameout), the DECU system signals the engine still under DECU control to increase or decrease power in an effort to maintain a constant supply of power to the transmission and main rotor.