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UWRUnofficial World Record
UWRUniversal Waste Rule
UWRUnited We Rise (sneakers; Nike)
UWRUnderwater Rugby (sport)
UWRUpper West Region (Ghana)
UWRUngulate Winter Range
UWRUltra Wideband Radio
UWRUrban Wood Residue
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Add to the list of Sports You've Never Heard of underwater rugby, even though this unique pastime has been around since 1961, when it was invented in Germany.
Underwater rugby is gaining in popularity in the U.
2014, "Why is underwater rugby the new generation of water sports, and where should you try it?
Underwater Society of America, 2015, Underwater Rugby, http://www.
The show ended with underwater rugby and volleyball.
New deep-water basin with diving and climbing wall for eg swim training, dive training, underwater rugby etc.
2) Underwater rugby as you can probably guess from the name is Brian O'Driscoll's favourite game.
The inaugural event is due to be held in Powys in August, featuring events such as underwater rugby and wife carrying.
Switzerland has started an underwater rugby competition with dozens of teams signed up for the new sport.
Victorious John, a community services officer from Dublin, entered the race after excelling at his two other hobbies - snorkelling and underwater rugby.
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