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References in classic literature ?
Then on the bank of Jordan, by a creek, Where winds with reeds and osiers whispering play, Plain fishermen (no greater men them call), Close in a cottage low together got, Their unexpected loss and plaints outbreathed:-- "Alas, from what high hope to what relapse Unlooked for are we fallen
While coping with bereavement is never easy, unexpected loss brings unique challenges for those left behind.
While coping with bereavement never easy, unexpected loss brings unique challenges for those left behind.
Kranjcar said Al Rayyan's unexpected loss last week is not a new occurrence in professional sport.
The templates extend the capabilities of IBM's Industry Frameworks for Banking and Insurance by providing OpenPages and IBM Cognos software users with proven approaches to improve risk visibility and control, reduce unexpected loss and improve operating performance.
Despite the unexpected loss, Lebanon still qualifies at the top of Group B ahead of Korea
The models are being recalled because of the vehicle's 'Megafuse junction box' which is located in an area exposed to excessive road splash and that, in certain cases, 'the cable connections may corrode rapidly' and is likely to result in an unexpected loss of the windshield wiper function.
Doncaster will be more determined to bounce back after last week's unexpected loss to Siddal in the Cup so we're expecting a very difficult game.
Summary: Rabat - Wydad of Casablanca runs the risk of losing the co-leadership with Difaa El Jadida in Morocco's Premier League after its unexpected loss against Ittihad Khemisset 0-1.
The unexpected loss, which is based on the company's own calculation, is first such monthly loss of the company since last May.
Following the sudden and unexpected loss of Steve, Lynn, Cherelle and Alex would like to express their sincere thanks to all family and friends for their kindness and support through this very difficult time, thank you also for the overwhelming number of cards and beautiful floral tributes.
The drug has been associated with an unexpected loss of strength, dysphagia, loss of bladder control, and respiratory problems that could lead to pneumonia or death.