UNIFILUnited Nations Interim Force In Lebanon
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BEIRUT: UNIFIL inaugurated Wednesday a new water network in the southern town of Bint Jbeil as part of a bigger project to improve the living conditions of locals in the area.
This possibility has been raised by political groups opposed to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, which have expressed their threats by targeting UNIFIL, and more recently, when Syrian President Bashar Assad's cousin Rami Makhlouf said that Israel's stability was linked to Syria's stability.
Earlier this month, the French contingent of Unifil encountered resistance by residents in several villages while carrying out "capacity testing exercises", leading to injuries on both sides.
Last week villagers seized weapons from French troops in the UNIFIL force and wounded their patrol leader.
The statement added that UNIFIL will hand over the maps on to the Lebanese army.
chief was briefed by senior UNIFIL officials on the situation and developments since an Aug.
Most of UNIFIL is an expensive joke and an illustration of why the United Nations has failed so miserably in its central task of keeping the peace and deterring aggression among nations.
BEIRUT: UNIFIL said Friday that an investigation into last month's killing of a Spanish peacekeeper was ongoing, adding that media speculations over the circumstances surrounding the incident did not serve the case.
According to the statement, UNIFIL Acting Force Commander Brigadier-General Tarundeep Kumar immediately contacted senior army commanders of both Lebanon and Israel, urging them to exercise maximum restraint and to cooperate with UNIFIL in order to prevent further escalation.
UNIFIL Force Commander Major-General Paolo Serra accepted the arrival of the ship in an event organised at the port in Beirut in the attendance of associates of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) as well as diplomats and authorities from UNIFIL troop contributing nations.
Asarta: Lebanese Security Measures to Protect UNIFIL 'Not Enough', Report Says