UNIGEUniversité de Genève (Switzerland)
UnigeUniversità degli Studi di Genova (University of Genoa, Italy)
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Young Couple in a Landscape is another example where the British Museum settled a claim made by Uri Peled and the British Museum: Lauren Bursey, Justine Ferland, Marc-Andre Renold, 'Case Young Couple in a Landscape--Feldmann Heirs and British Museum', Platform ArThemis (<http:// unige.
As shown in two publications by Unige professor Laurent Gajo (2013a, b), there seems to be reasons for concern and discussion in Switzerland and in the francophone world regarding the role of English in the scientific production too.
Unige is one of Europe's leading universities, and according to some rankings and despite the caveat made earlier about the implications of citing rankings, it is also one of the three best French speaking universities in the world and one of the 100 best universities in the world.
Some interviews were carried out with Unige professors and with the Director of the Office of International Relations (OIR) of Unige in 2015 as part of the present study and in order to find out what was the role of English at Unige.
The UNIGE research team is led by Vera Slaveykova, professor of environmental biogeochemistry and ecotoxicology in the Department F.
However, thanks to the transcriptomic approach adopted by the UNIGE researchers, we now know how mercury enters the food chain and affects the microalgae at its base.
Tai Wang, a PhD student at the Department of Cell Biology of UNIGE used ultra-sophisticated computerised modelling tools to characterise the various tridimensional conformations of the parasite's HSP90.
Extensive physical, chemical, and biological data is now in the hands of Unige and will be the subject of a thorough analysis.
Senior author Emmanouil Dermitzakis, Louis Jeantet Professor at UNIGE, who led the study, emphasises that today's study has profound implications for genomic medicine.
DemoStAf involves 17 partners: 4 European academic institutions, well known for their African population expertise (INED and IRD in France, UCL in Belgium, Unige in Switzerland), 12 African partners from Burkina Faso (INSD and ISSP), Kenya (APHRC), Madagascar (INSTAT, INSPC, IPM, UCM), Mali (INSTAT), Senegal (ANSD, UCAD, UZ) and Uganda (UM).
But the nanocontainers developed by the researchers from UNIGE, HUG and the University of Basel have the ability to release their vasodilator content exclusively to diseased areas.
This research offers new perspectives in the treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease," explained Andreas Zumbuehl from the Department of Organic Chemistry at UNIGE.