UNINETUniversity Network (RSA)
UNINETNetwork of United Telecom Company
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UniNet leased 40,300 s/f for its new East Coast distribution center at 721-725 Broadway Ave.
UNINET, fundacion para la investigacion en el desarrollo de la globalizacion y la cibersociedad, afirma que la tecnologia modificara trascendentalmente todos los componentes de la educacion (pedagogia, metodologia, didactica, etcetera) y que ello le dara una nueva perspectiva, una nueva optica.
NOTIFIER of Northford, Connecticut, has introduced UniNet 2000, which integrates fire, security, access control, and CCTV on a single network.
Market liberalisation in Estonia begun on 1 January 2001 with several companies - including Finnish Uninet and Swedish Tele2 - being awarded licenses to operate fixed networks.
For even more connection possibilities, the company's UniNET network is provided with every panel.
China Unicom is in the process of setting up China's first nationwide ISP, which it is calling Uninet, as it positions itself to become the country's top telecoms operator following the breakup of ex-monopoly China Telecom into four companies.
Connection to the Internet provides a gateway for the FRD-sponsored Uninet, the national academic and research network.
Public Data Communications Services--Clearly, the large VAN/PDN suppliers such as Telenet, Tymnet, Uninet and others are gearing up for new sales of hybrid network services, as these become more cost-effective for more American firms (below the top 500) to consider.
Canon today announced the resolution of a patent infringement lawsuit with UniNet Imaging, Inc.
UniNet is a worldwide Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with over 25 years of experience in the imaging industry.
Ademas de los programas de ciberespionaje adquiridos por la PGR y la Secretaria de la Defensa Nacional (Proceso 1915) y del servidor hallado en la empresa Uninet, filial de Telmex--Citizen Lab revelo este dato en su reporte de marzo pasado--, el gobierno mexicano compro equipos y programas de la corporacion Speech Pro, subsidiaria de la rusa Speech Technology Center, para montar un sistema nacional de grabacion de voces.
This service is available through PT LINKNET which is an internet service provider like Indosat, CBN, Uninet, Indonet, and Centrin.