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This means that it takes more than simple extension of uniprocessor software ideas to exploit message-passing hardware.
The TPC-C benchmark results for the IBM AS/400 uniprocessor system cited earlier in this release are 1,496 tpmC at $320 per tpmC.
Sun will surely deliver these as rack-mounted machines, but could deliver them as tower boxes as well - particularly for uniprocessor and two-way machines - if it wants to target the small and mid-sized business market.
The Model 810-2466, a uniprocessor that is rated at 1,020 CPWs of raw processing power, gets a $20,000 rebate.
The DS15 entry server is a refresh of the existing DS10 uniprocessor server that HP and Compaq have been selling for years.
SuSE Linux Standard Server 8 will run on any uniprocessor or two-way server built from 32-bit Intel Pentium or 32-bit AMD Athlon processors.
1 for SMP platforms and has won several large accounts for three reasons: it provides an administrative infrastructure that allows easy migration from a uniprocessor system environment; it offers extremely cost-effective mainframe-caliber performance; and it provides a familiar programming environment so users can write applications as if they were writing for a uniprocessor system.
PortalPlayer's innovative parallel processing architecture combined with optimized firmware allows for lower clock rates and core voltages, leading to dramatically lower SoC power levels versus a comparable uniprocessor system.
Wyse's line of servers includes the Series 3000i and Series 6000i family of uniprocessor systems and Series 7000i symmetric multiprocessing systems that are certified for the most popular Intel-based multiprocessing operating systems, including SCO MPX, USG UNIX SVR4, Microsoft Windows NT, SunSoft Solaris and IBM 0S/2 SMP.
SCO is positioning the OKP layer as a means for companies who have outgrown OpenServer on a uniprocessor machine to move to bigger iron.
Members of the AT&T System 3000 family of servers supporting Microsoft BackOffice range from deskside uniprocessor solutions to floor-standing 16-processor symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) solutions.
The entry uniprocessor Power 275 workstation has a 1GHz Power4+ processor, 1GB of main memory (expandable to 16GB), four drive bays with one 36GB disk includes, and six PCI-X slots.