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UAUnited Artists
UAUnited Airlines
UAUniversidad de Alicante (Spain)
UAUser Agent (web browser)
UAUniversity of Arizona
UAUniversity of Alabama
UAUkraine (ISO Country Identifier)
UAUniversity of Akron (Ohio)
UAUser Assistance
UAUnder Armour (stock symbol)
UAUniversity of Alaska
UAUnified Architecture (open connectivity)
UAUnited Arrows (Japan)
UAUniversity of Arkansas
UARoutine (pilot report message type)
UAUniversidade de Aveiro (Portugal)
UAUser Agreement
UAUrban Area
UAUniversity Archives
UAUser Account
UAUniversity of Aveiro (Portugal)
UAUpper Air
UAUniversity of Antwerp
UAUnd Andere (German: and others)
UAUpper Arlington (Ohio)
UAUnter Anderem (German: Among Other Things)
UAUser Authentication
UAUnmanned Aircraft
UAUnder Age
UAUnarmed (gaming)
UAUniversiteit Antwerpen (Dutch: University of Antwerp; Belgium)
UAUser Acquisition
UAUniversity of Alberta
UAUnstable Angina
UAUser Application (software)
UAUniversity at Albany (SUNY)
UAUnique Advantage (staffing)
UAUrine Analysis
UAUpper Arm
UAUnfair Advantage (CSI Data)
UAUnit Area
UAUnitary Authority (local government area, UK)
UAUniversity of Aberdeen (UK)
UAUser Area
UAUnauthorized Absence (Article 86 UCMJ)
UAUser Activity
UAUnit of Action (US Army)
UAUnit of Action
UAUnintended Acceleration (automobiles)
UAUmbilical Artery
UAUnique Address
UAUnarmored (gaming)
UAMicroampere (electronics)
UAUto-Aztecan (language)
UAUniform Act (Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisitions Policies Act of 1970, as amended)
UAUnits of Account (banking)
UAUnderground Atlanta
UAUnique Applications
UAUterine Activity
UAUniform Allowance
UAUniversal Assessment
UAUnited Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada (Union)
UAUniversité d'Angers (French: University of Angers)
UAUnit Administrator (military term)
UAUnnumbered Acknowledge (telecommunications)
UAUnnumbered Acknowledgment
UAUniversité d'Avignon (French: University of Avignon)
UAUrban Animal
UAUser Agency
UAUltimate Adventures
UAUniversity of the Arctic
UAUnit Administration
UAUpdate Analysis
UAUniversal Adversary
UAUniversal Architecture
UAUniversidade da Amazônia (Brasil)
UAUnbelievably Amazing
UAUtility Accrual
UAUnbalanced Asynchronous
UAUnequal Angle (mechanical material engineering)
UAUracil-Adenine (RNA base pairing)
UAUltimate Adversaries (D20 Star Wars Roleplaying sourcebook)
UAUrauffuhrung (German: World Premiere)
UAUnmarried America
UAÚltimos Adictos (Guatemala rock group)
UAUnable to Approve Arrival for the Time Specified
UAHarley-Davidson World War II 74 cubic inch V-twin military motorcycle model
UAUnnecessary Acronym
UAUniversity of California Audits
UAUnderwriters Accepted
UAUlkomaankaupan Agenttiliitto (Suomeksi) (Finnish Foreign Trade Agents' Federation, aka: FFTAF)
UAUniversal Anesthesia
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The most important benefit of intercropping is to produce a greater yield per unit area by using resources efficiently.
He further said that fisheries department has launched seven new development projects during financial year 201415 and hoped that after completion of these projects not only the departmental personnel and private farmers will be benefited with rich knowledge and hands on training but also fish yield per unit area will be increased.
Pursuant to Article 13 (2), it appears that developers are not permitted to sell areas outside of the net unit area, though this could arguably be possible if there is express agreement to acquire such areas and pay for the same.
In a similar manner, the effect of heat transfer is the heat-transfer coefficient, which is defined as the quantity of heat passing through a unit area of material, of a unit thickness, in a specific unit of time, when one side differs by 10 Kelvin.
Increased population decreases yield and influences the number of flowers per plant and yield per unit area because of light deficiency and competition for the uptake of nutrients (Sangoi, 2000).
Number of seedling (plot-1): The data showed the maximum number of seedlings per unit area in dry seed and soaked seed broadcast method (Table-2).
Plant density per unit area of cultivated land, a major factor determined the quality and quantity of the sugar roots, for instance, optimum plant density provides a larger area of nutrients this allows plant sufficient quantity of water, light and thus raises the efficiency of photosynthesis which contribute to increase the dry matter proportion in the roots and higher roots yield per unit area (Salisbury and Rose, 1992; Avcioglu, 1995; Freckleton et al.
The high density was achieved by using advanced format technology (AFT), which raises the data storage density per unit area.
The studied characters were plant height, number of tillers, peduncle length, spike length, grain per spike numbers, fertile tillers per plant, 1000 grain weight, harvest index, Biological yield, Flag leaf width, Flag leaf length, Grain yield per unit area, Biological yield per unit area and Grain yield.
This variety can be grown closer to each other, with more plants per unit area, and it bears early fruiting," said R.
The nozzle's narrow spray pattern is designed to provide more impact per unit area than wider full-cone sprays and its larger droplet size makes it ideal for bottle washing and cleaning pipe interiors.
New test methods under development include lab preparation of prints using a motor driven printability tester, blocking, weight per unit area of a print, foaming, skinning, vehicle terminology, methanol number, freeze-thaw of aqueous inks/coatings, accelerated storage stability of UV inks/coatings, accelerated storage stability of liquid inks/coatings and gel recovery of polyamides.