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UHNUniversity Health Network (Canada)
UHNUnited States Heating Oil Fund
UHNUniversal Health Network
UHNUnited Houma Nation (Native American tribe; Louisiana)
UHNUnit Hub Node
UHNUnited Hackers Network (hacker group)
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These working groups included representatives from WIN-T, United States Forces--Iraq JNCC-I, the 1st Cavalry Division Unit Hub Node at Camp Victory, the 67th Expeditionary Signal Battalion and Network Engineers from both the 34th ID and 1st ID.
The WIN-T PM provided 14-hours of Ka-band training to the satellite terminal operators, the Unit Hub Node network technician, and Electronic Maintenance technician.
The CPN requires a JNN or Unit Hub Node to integrate it into a network, so was not able to remain once the JNN's were pulled out of system.
Bravo Company, 1-3 BTB's JNNs would be linking into the Marine DKET hubs in Al Asad and Fallujah, rather than the traditional unit hub nodes used by the 3rd Infantry Division.
At its peak, the network used two Unit Hub Nodes in order to support the 20 JNNs, and 55 CPNs that were in the MND-B network.
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