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UINUnique Identifying Number
UINUniversal Identification Number
UINUser Identification Number
UINUser Inactivity Monitor
UINUniversal Internet Number (ICQ)
UINUnique Identification Number
UINUniversity Identification Number
UINUser Identification Number (ICQ)
UINQuincy, IL, USA - Baldwin Field (Airport Code)
UINUniversity Information Network (Egypt)
UINUnit Identification Number
UINUrban Investment Network (Urban Land Institute)
UINUnion Inspection Notice
UINUnité d'Imagerie Numérique (French: Digital Imaging Unit; radiology)
UINUseless Inert Nothing
UINUnemployment Identification Number
UINUnion Improvement Notice (UK)
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In each case, the blood unit identification number will need to be accurately reflected on the final report.
During training, it is important to stress that it is not acceptable to record only the last few digits of the unit number, and that the entire 13-digit unit identification number must be used.
It may also be prudent to consider if the transition to ISBT 128 provides an opportunity to have "boxes" or other tools on forms to assist in documenting every digit in the unit identification number.