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UOAUniversity of Athens
UOAUnit of Analysis
UOAUniversity of Auckland (New Zealand)
UOAUsed Oil Analysis
UOAUnit of Accounting (currency exchange ratio)
UOAUnited Ostomy Association
UOAUniversity Of Alberta
UOAUniversity of Aberdeen (UK; aka Aberdeen University; also seen as AU)
UOAUnit of Assessment
UOAUniversity of Arkansas
UOAUnit of Action
UOAUpward Obligation Adjustment (US DoD)
UOAUniversal Order of Armageddon (band)
UOAUnit Oriented Architecture (enterprise architecture)
UOAUp Their Own Arse
UOAUkimwi Orphans Assistance (Tanzania)
UOAUpon Our Arrival
UOAUpper Open Auxiliary
UOAUltimate Observer Association (ultimate)
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DeMattia said that FCS will network the new manned and unmanned ground vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles and integrate all the communications nodes in a brigade-sized unit of action.
Because neither the current armored force nor the FCS Unit of Action will be fully adequate to meet the Army's requirements, the Army needs to seriously examine two major changes to its transformation agenda to accommodate the demands of future close combat.
Hallett and Hallett are never really convincing in their attempts to isolate a single unit of action.
Other social services such as APS 34 (specialized prevention association), the CIDAG (Information Centre and free and anonymous screening), DEF (Childhood Family Division), the MDPH (Departmental House of Disabled Persons) and UTAG (Territorial Unit of action Gerontological) integrate the building to present on one and the same site, "the Solidarity House".
Cole is currently serving as deputy program manager for Program Integration, Future Combat Systems Unit of Action, Warren, Mich.
Over 1,000 networked intelligent agents were constructed representing V Corps units, a Future Combat Systems (FCS) unit of action, corps and theater support, and stateside supply and distribution.
In the future, the unit of action will have 58 tanks.
This reorganization is the first attempt at creating what the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) calls the Future Force's Unit of Action (UA).
4) Consequently, each Unit of Action will have a mixture of infantry and direct and indirect tire sub-units, plus various support elements to allow for operations across the full range of military operations--from peacekeeping and peace enforcement in military operations other than war (MOOTW) to high-intensity combat in a major combat operation (MCO).
As part of the Total Army Analysis program, we reshaped Chemical Corps units, changing them from Cold War structure into organizations ready to support the unit of action and unit of employment.
ISR Synchronization: The Objective Force's Future Combat System (FCS) will depend on the systems and sensor integration performed by intelligence soldiers, noncommissioned officers, and officers throughout the Unit of Action (UA) and Unit of Employment (UE).