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USOUnited Service Organizations (provides morale, welfare and recreation-type services to US uniformed military personnel)
USOUnited States Oil Fund (stock symbol)
USOUnión Sindical Obrera (Spanish: Workers Syndical Union; Spain)
USOUniversal Service Obligation
USOUniversity Symphony Orchestra (various universities)
USOUtah Symphony Orchestra (est. 1940)
USOUltra Stable Oscillator
USOUnited Solar Ovonic (various locations)
USOUnited States Open
USOUniversal Service Order
USOUnilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy (surgical procedure)
USOUnited Stars Organisation (science fiction)
USOUniversitair Symfonisch Orkest (University Symphony Orchestra; Leuven, Belgium)
USOUnidentified Submarine Object
USOUnit Security Officer
USOUnidentified Submersible Object
USOUnique Sink Orientation
USOUnix Software Organization
USOUnion Sportive Oyonnax (French sports organization)
USOUnidentified Superconducting Object
USOUnion Sportive Orléans (French sports organization)
USOUnidentified Sliding Object (vehicle)
USOUtsjoen Sähköosuuskunta (electric supplier company of Utsjoki, Finland)
USOUnder Secretary of the Navy's Office (US Navy)
USOUndercover Special Operations
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This means there would be neither universal service obligation nor a justification for legal monopolies," said Ferber.
Aside from the issue of the deadline for final liberalisation, a major concern is the so-called universal service obligation, the financing of which is the subject of the bulk of the amendments.
The Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) would fund the capital expenditure and operative expenditure net of revenue for five years.
It has the universal service obligation to operate and deliver mails even to remote areas, having the widest reach among couriers in the country.
La Poste's 'territorial presence' task is designed to ensure the high density of the postal network, over and above the universal service obligation, particularly in rural areas.
Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) would fund the CAPEX and OPEX net of revenue for five years.
He said that a scheme to extend financial support from Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) for provisioning of mobile communication services in remaining inhabited uncovered villages of the country is envisaged.
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