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In addition, the Chairman of the SEC should direct the COO and CFO to augment guidance in SEC's Unliquidated Obligation Review Process to provide, at a minimum: (a) clarifying and communicating the responsibilities for recording deobligations; and (b) clarifying when to deobligate unliquidated obligations with no recent activity for financial reporting purposes and for contract close-out purposes for completed contracts to be consistent with applicable federal financial reporting guidance and OMB Circular No.
that the new property is substantially a continuation of the old investment still unliquidated.
Facilities have been most often used successfully in bankruptcy cases to settle contingent and unliquidated tort claims, including personal injury and wrongful death claims.
But I defy anyone to tell me what this, which was part of an economic report, actually means: "Purification of unliquidated obligations is essential for the early identification and correction of invalid obligation amounts to ensure full and effective fund utilisation.
Once sold off, they can raise new sources of capital without having their equity contributors guess at the amount of their unliquidated liabilities.
The catch-22 I have identified applies to unliquidated compensatory
The court concluded that a default generally terminates the parties' right to further defend, except to contest unliquidated damages.
The other area was the tri-annual dormant unliquidated obligation (ULO) review.
The government demanded that the contractors return more than a billion dollars in unliquidated progress payments for their work during 1990.
Unspent TANF funds are categorized in one of two ways for federal reporting purposes--as either unobligated funds or as unliquidated obligations.