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The distinction between liquidated damages and unliquidated damages is closely linked to this "penalty theory" of prejudgment interest.
Five goals cover the major categories of problem disbursements: negative unliquidated obligations (where the disbursement exceeds the obligated amount); unmatched disbursements (where the disbursed amount is not matched to an obligation document--which can include unmatched collections); and intransits (when an external disbursing activity, that is, another DoD component or government agency makes the disbursement, and the supporting documentation is "intransit" to the accounting office).
With a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, a creditor must file a proof of claim to participate in any distribution, whether or not the claim is scheduled as disputed, contingent or unliquidated.
Kaplan was entitled to a trial on the issue of unliquidated damages.
To enhance Labor's ability to manage its WIA grants and to improve the accuracy and consistency of financial reporting, several recommendations were made, including clarification to states of the definition of unliquidated obligations, requiring states to collect and report on obligations at the point of service delivery, and enhanced communication of spending benchmarks.
For example, the Comments to section 1 of the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act (1995) state that "The requirement that the right be `fixed and certain' excludes unliquidated claims from the coverage of the Act, such as disputed tort claims.
5 billion in unliquidated BRAC obligations from prior appropriations.
In Field Service Advice (FSA) Memorandum 1999-841, the IRS held that a taxpayer's assumption of a contingent and unliquidated liability in connection with an asset purchase results in a basis increase for the taxpayer.
The courts, especially in cases involving unliquidated claims, have been reluctant to permit the payment of interest in the calculation of damages that occur in the period prior to the date of the damage award.
If NAC filed for bankruptcy, its creditors could enforce the note as an unliquidated asset of NAC.
Failure to maintain the required certification or to substantiate the claim that the panels/modules do not contain Chinese cells will result in suspension of all unliquidated entries for which the requirements were not met.
The ombudsman said an audit report by the Commission on Audit shows that Suplico's PDAF remains unliquidated.