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UNFURNOTEUntil Further Notice
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Hands; and you'll please regard me as your captain until further notice.
However, if you can contrive to make a small Rembrandt, as a specimen, you may consider yourself employed here until further notice.
After a delay of two or three hours, the young ladies were informed that their services would be dispensed with until further notice, and at the expiration of two days, the name of Mantalini appeared in the list of bankrupts: Miss Nickleby received an intimation per post, on the same morning, that the business would be, in future, carried on under the name of Miss Knag, and that her assistance would no longer be required--a piece of intelligence with which Mrs Nickleby was no sooner made acquainted, than that good lady declared she had expected it all along and cited divers unknown occasions on which she had prophesied to that precise effect.
Letters were accordingly to be addressed to that place, until further notice.
Charles Fitz-Marshall had ordered his private room to be retained for him, until further notice.
Bulpit Brothers has an interest in the business, and will carry it on until further notice.
As a result, there is no public access at Berw Road Car Park until further notice and we thank the public for their understanding and patience at this time.
This statement also said that the move "reminds us of laws of a similar nature which were enacted against the Jews during dark periods," saying that the heads of churches decided to close the church until further notice.
Customers who turned up to the restaurant yesterday were greeted with a sign stuck to the door telling them: "We will not be open until further notice - so sorry".
Northern added on its website: "Due to a platform lighting issue at Stockport station, Southbound services from Manchester Piccadilly are unable to call at Stockport until further notice.
The road will be closed until further notice, police confirmed.
In a statement yesterday, the ECB said: "Ben Stokes and Alex Hales will not be considered for selection for England international matches until further notice.