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UTTSUniversity of Toledo Transit Services (Toledo, OH)
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With an up-to-the-second, accurate visualization of the key metrics driving event-driven operations, our customers can make more timely and informed business decisions and capitalize on opportunities.
The F&I department will be more confident that the Ultimate Warranty product descriptions and rates it presents to car buyers are up-to-the-second correct and current.
Its Media Monitoring Suite is in use by corporations, professional sports teams, political campaigns, elected officials and the military to provide up-to-the-second intelligence on broadcast news, in multiple languages and for US and international markets.
IBLS enables its customers to gain productivity increase, technology cost reduction, significant flexibility in setting up and managing credit agreements, access to a wealth of up-to-the-second data, and comprehensive process support.
The ALR-9800's will be located on conveyors and stretch-wrappers to automatically capture data from RFID-tagged packaged products, cartons and pallets, thus providing up-to-the-second information on the movement of products through the supply chain that can be leveraged by the company and its retail customers.
Using industry-standard browsers they can get up-to-the-second reports, trends and displays of production information that's important to performing their jobs.
During production fail-over, Topio enables rapid recovery of an up-to-the-second image of the business that is 100% consistent with production data.
By utilizing the MIND RADIUS interface, the combined solution provides carriers with up-to-the-second information on VoIP carrier traffic, revenue and inter-billing costs with the circuit switch origination and termination peers.
NFL Sunday Ticket also delivers features that don't exist on regular TV such as NFL Sunday Snap, an exclusive channel for real-time and up-to-the-second updates, scores, stats, ball possession, and time remaining on games from around the league.
As conditions change throughout the day, grid readings then change dynamically, to assure up-to-the-second accuracy.