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UAOUniversitat Abat Oliba (Spanish university)
UAOUniversidad Autónoma de Occidente (Cali, Colombia university)
UAOUnilateral Administrative Order
UAOUpper Airway Obstruction
UAOUrgent Attention Of
UAOUnqualified Audit Opinion (finance)
UAOUnited As One
UAOUppsala Astronomical Observatory (Uppsala, Sweden)
UAOUnlike Any Other
UAOUnited Arts Organization
UAOUrumqi Astronomical Observatory
UAOUnder Authority Of
UAOUnit Aviation Officer
UAOUnidentified Audible Object
UAOUtility Agency Owner
UAOUnidentified Aquatic Object (US Navy)
UAOUpper Air Observatory
UAOUpper-Air Observation
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Anaesthetic management of congenital laryngeal web presenting with acute upper airway obstruction.
Discussion of lingual hematoma as a cause of upper airway obstruction would not be complete without mention of airway management.
An unexpected functional cause of upper airway obstruction.
Morbid obesity can cause postoperative upper airway obstruction (and similarly OSAS) secondary to fat deposition in the parapharyngeal musculature and subcutaneous neck tissues resulting in extrinsic compression of the pharyngeal airway and reduction of the lumen cross-sectional diameter (16,17).
Negative pressure pulmonary edema after acute upper airway obstruction.
Twenty minutes after ingestion, stridor and severe upper airway obstruction were present.
The management of upper airway obstruction is based on either (1) conservative methods (prone position, nasopharyngeal tube) or (2) surgery involving pulling the tongue base forward, hyomandibulopexy, subperiosteal release of the floor of the mouth, tracheostomy, and distraction osteogenesis.
Anaesthetizing the patient prior to application of local anaesthetic and any form of instrumentation, as is often the practice in children and in certain upper airway procedures, would avoid dynamic airway narrowing, but is not without pitfalls in a patient with pre-existing partial upper airway obstruction.
4) They reported their first cases in 2002 (5) and subsequently described a large series of intracapsular tonsillectomies for the tratment o f upper airway obstruction.
Although the dimensions in our patient were well outside the normal range, she did not have any symptoms of upper airway obstruction in the past.
Hypertrophy of the palatine tonsils can lead to upper airway obstruction in children and adults and is an indication for surgery.
Mortimore et al wrote that upper airway obstruction at the retropalatal level is related to the imbalance between the activity of the levator and tensor veli palatini muscles, which elevate and tense the soft palate, and the activity of the palatoglossus and palatopharyngeus muscles, which depress the soft palate anteroinferiorly.