UQMUr Quan Masters (game)
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Under this order, financial details of which were not available, UQM will ship HD 950T electric propulsion systems to DANNAR in early 2018.
The second stage is subject to approval by the shareholders of UQM and clearance from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States ("CFIUS")
Combined with the high efficiency of the UQM PowerPhaseDT electric drive system, customers will achieve higher overall vehicle efficiency, save on the cost of batteries, and increase the driving range of their vehicles.
As part of the agreement, the parties have agreed that following the closing, UQM's board will be increased to nine directors composed of UQM's current CEO, three current UQM independent directors and five directors nominated by HKG.
UQM will now manufacture the complete compressor modules for Roush's current customer base as well as for new customers.
Both firms have signed a new three-year supply contract, making UQM Technologies Inc the exclusive supplier of electric propulsion systems to the growing commercial vehicle manufacturer
Rankin will provide an overview of UQM Technologies and its role and opportunities as a developer and producer of energy efficient motors, generators and power electronic controls, for a variety of alternative energy sector applications including electric, hybrid electric and fuel cell electric vehicles.
We are pleased that Carnegie Mellon has added our generators to the upgraded 'Spinners'," said UQM president and CEO William Rankin.
We believe recent advancements in the performance and efficiency of our propulsion systems, together with the additional development activities envisioned under this program, will allow us to develop a traction motor that delivers expected performance within manufacturing cost targets," said UQM president and CEO William Rankin.
UQM noted that the buses are powered by a compressed natural gas (CNG)-fueled, 2.
Contact: Donald French, UQM, phone 303-278-2002, website http://www.
Golden-based UQM, which changed its name earlier this year from Unique Mobility, hopes to use its reputation as a pioneer in alternative-fuel motors to bring other emerging alternative-energy technologies to market.