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UTEPUniversity of Texas at El Paso
UTEPUndergraduate Teacher Education Program (Harvard University)
UTEPUrban Teacher Education Program (various locations)
UTEPUniversity Teacher Education Program (Iowa State University)
UTEPUniform Tax Exemption Policy (Industrial Development Agency)
UTEPUrban, Technological & Environmental Planning
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In "Practices of Compassionate, Critical, Justice-Oriented Teacher Education," Hilary Conklin and Hilary Hughes explore key components of their practice in an urban teacher education program and offer a pedagogical framework for compassionate, critical, justice-oriented teacher education.
In this article we examine our university's Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP) and its success not only in recruiting, preparing, retaining, and graduating its students, but also in leading to employment and retention as teachers in urban schools.
Supporting students of color in teacher education: Results from an urban teacher education program.
Brock (director, Urban Teacher Education Program, Indiana University) unites former students and colleagues of Joe Kincheloe, who are committed to carrying on Kincheloe's work in education.
The site-based co-instructors and administrator of the school expressed a number of increased opportunities as well as the logistical benefits and challenges of hosting a site-based urban teacher education program.
Russ' (1999) study titled, "Professional conversations: New teachers explore teaching through conversation, story, and narrative" delves deeper into the teaching profession as practiced in reality by focusing on undergraduate students and recent graduates of an urban teacher education program who came together regularly to talk about becoming reflective and effective teachers.
If you say you are an urban teacher education program, but you are not actually paying attention to those things, I do not see how you can be truly doing the work in urban education.
The authors conducted a descriptive, theory-building study of the University of Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program to examine how features of the urban context were addressed at this site.
This article presents one such urban teacher education program, framed by theories of community strengths, presence, trust, and critical identity theory.
To examine these questions more deeply, we carried out a descriptive theory building study of the context-specific elements of one of the three teacher preparation programs: University of Chicago's Urban Teacher Education Program (or, UChicago UTEP) in the Urban Education Institute (UEI), which was specifically developed to prepare teachers for Chicago Public Schools.
Elaborated in a set of recent articles, (2) the TEP is currently in the 5th of a 7-year longitudinal study of more than a thousand graduates from UCLA's urban teacher education program.
By embedding teacher preparation in classroom practice, these common challenges to urban teacher education programs are solved through the support teachers receive in the classroom and the enrichment of the university curriculum with real-life classroom experiences.
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