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URDUrdu (language)
URDUnderground Residential Distribution
URDUser Requirements Document
URDUnrelated Donor (tissue transplantation)
URDUnion pour le Renouveau Démocratique (French: Union for Democratic Renewal, Senegal)
URDUpper Respiratory Disease
URDUnité de Recherche Démographique (French: Demographic Research Unit; Togo; est. 1975)
URDUnion for Renewal and Democracy (Chad)
URDUser Root Directory
URDYou Are Drawing (online anime art school)
URDUnión Revolucionaria Democrática (Revolutionary Democratic Union; political party, Guatemala)
URDUsenet Resource Downloader
URDUnit Reference Designator
URDUser Reported Deficiency
URDUnit Release Dose
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Here in Qatar, guests are offered absolutely free entry to mushairas, which are sponsored by philanthropists working for the promotion of Urdu language and literature.
As per an official report, Bihar currently has 51,280 government primary schools so requires a large number of Urdu teachers.
Emirati Urdu poet Dr Zubair Farooq and Indian and Pakistani poets based in the UAE and the Arab Gulf countries also participated.
Sheen Kaaf Nizam is a highly admired poet, the recipient of Iqbal Samman, Bhasha Bharti samman, Urdu Academy award and Begam Akhtar award.
Besides Banerjee, two other ministers -- Farooq Abdullah and Ghulam Nabi Azad joined the chorus asserting that Urdu is not a language confined to a specific community.
One invariable claim made about Urdu was that it stood for synthesis and harmony, that it represented the commingling of Iran and India, of Muslims and Hindus.
its one of the major documents in national language Urdu.
These steps also include that the president, prime minister and other federal government officials should make their speeches in Urdu not only in the country but abroad as well.
The National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD), Department of Higher Education, Government of India and is actively involved in production of literature in the Urdu language, including books on science and other branches of modern knowledge, children`s literature textbooks, reference works, encyclopedia, dictionaries, etc.
Addressing the gathering, Ansari called for inclusion of Technology in the promotion of Urdu language among new generation students in schools.
Saddaf's first book Azab-e- shnai, a collection of ghazals, a popular form of Urdu poetry, was published in 2001.
Bano was also the founder member of Indo-Qatar Urdu Markaz playing an important and constructive role in organising All-India, Indo-Pak and international mushairas (poetic sessions) in Doha under the aegis of the Markaz.