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With numerous SCR systems scheduled to be deployed in the United States during the next several years, we are working hard to attract other municipal and private utilities to Fuel Tech's urea-to-ammonia conversion technology, and hope to report additional successes in the near future.
The mutually beneficial agreement establishes EEC as the exclusive supplier of urea-to-ammonia systems for AEP's generating fleet should the company decide to proceed with additional installations of the technology.
This award builds on our growing momentum in the Chinese market and reaffirms the attractiveness of our urea-to-ammonia conversion technology, which is especially well suited for use near densely populated cities such as Beijing, where the frequent transportation of hazardous chemicals such as ammonia is problematic.
Founded in 1972, Wahlco designs and manufactures air pollution control systems including flue gas conditioning equipment, anhydrous and aqueous ammonia systems and U2A urea-to-ammonia conversion systems for energy utilities, refineries and industrial clients.