URMSUnited Raw Material Solutions (est. 2000; Taiwan)
URMSUniversity Research Management System (University of Sheffield)
UrmsRoot Mean Square Velocity (chemistry)
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Instead, it will draw upon "Orientalism," a major theme of (P)CT, and how it specifically relates to Congolese URMs resettled in the Global North.
McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program, my own doctoral experience in a chemistry program, and similar experiences of others URM graduate students found in the literature as examples of the social and cultural structures URMs experience at the doctoral level and the subsequent impact on degree completion.
First, to examine the reason (s) for the persistent shortage of URMs in the health professions and the associated barriers that they encounter in pursuing opportunities in the professions.
URMs in the United States are a diverse and extremely vulnerable group about whom there is little research.
who earned a bachelor's in civil engineering from Purdue in 1970, has watched many of the highest-achieving URMs leave Indiana to study engineering.
First, all else equal, individuals would prefer to attend colleges with higher percentages of URMs as this lowers the cost of acquiring diversity capital.
Brick (BR) or stucco (SO) values for the exterior wall attribute from CAMA may indicate a URM building type if the construction year falls within "benchmark years"--specific periods where engineering codes for seismic design can be estimated by local experts.
Affirmative action and addressing prior injustices are the justifications for most programs to increase URM student diversity.
Other research (Thurmond & Cregler, 1996) tracked the college majors and career choices of promising URM pre-college freshmen in Georgia who indicated an interest in health-related careers and who participated in an 8-week research apprentice program.
A lot of earnest head scratching has been going on about the recent announcement from the University of California that while applications to UC for next fall's freshman class are at an all-time high, there has been a decline in applications of ``underrepresented students,'' sometimes just known as URMs, for underrepresented minorities.
Yet, a majority (57 percent) of the chairs do not see a need to significantly change their introductory instructional methods in order to retain more STEM students, including women and URMs.