URMSUnited Resources Marketing Services (various locations)
URMSUnited Raw Material Solutions (est. 2000; Taiwan)
URMSUniversity Research Management System (University of Sheffield)
URMSRoot Mean Square Velocity (chemistry)
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Even though the students in the present study feel that they can overcome anticipated barriers, counselors working with URMs who aspire to become physicians can play a vital role while helping them cope with potential educational and career barriers.
Further, even if one accepts the legitimacy of the concern about the low enrollment of URMs, there is as yet no certainty about where UC-eligible blacks and Latinos are going if they are not going to UC.
First, to examine the reason (s) for the persistent shortage of URMs in the health professions and the associated barriers that they encounter in pursuing opportunities in the professions.
Yet UC admissions officials say that during interviews with prospective students, URMs are the ones who most often say that rising fees could potentially price them out of graduate school.
The serial production of URMs for the Angara family of rockets is being developed at Khrunichev's Polyot Plant located in Omsk.
Reduce the number of 'requirements' in job descriptions as women, URMs and POC may opt out before applying if they don't meet 100% of requirements," Schulte told FundersClub.
However, if URMs have few opportunities to take relevant coursework at MSIs, then they are unlikely to pursue graduate study in atmospheric science and other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.
There is value in reading the URM context in tandem with (P)CT because it analyzes the lasting detrimental and oppressive effects of colonialism and how they directly impact the resettlement process for Congolese URMs.
This is due, in part, to the fact that some URMs are not always exposed to rigorous math and science courses taught by well-qualified teachers and many attend low-performing, high-need schools (Bonous-Hammarth, 2000).
The urms of the total velocity is a measure of water velocity that contains the current, the magnitude of any wave-driven flow, and the turbulence with instrumental noise removed.