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URUUnion de Rugby del Uruguay (Spanish: Uruguay Rugby Club)
URUUniversidad Rafael Urdaneta (Venezuela college)
URUYou Are You
URUUnderwater Research Unit
URUUniversal Research Unit
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All treatments reflect the true sense of URU by using a special line of natural, home grown products used to nourish the skin and promote vitality.
3) Un excelente trabajo sobre bibliografia relacionada a la lengua y cultura Chipaya en Dedenbach-Salazar Saenz (2007) y en bibliografia relativa al Pueblo Uru en Volvere, Revista Electro-nica 29, 2008 http://www.
The funds raised from the sale will be channelled towards URU Metals' drilling programme at Nueltin, Canada, which is seen to return value to stockholders in the medium to long term, the CEO added.
It is divided into five parts (Play, Community, and Emergent Cultures; The Uru Diaspora; Playing Ethnography: Research Methods; The Social Construction of the Ethnographer; and Beyond Uru: Communities of Play on Their own Terms), each further divided into easily digestible chapters that focus on specific aspects of this dialectical contextual intersection.
Mac users can experience the adventure and puzzle-solving elements and visually-stunning worlds of "Myst Online: Uru Live" via TransGaming's Cider portability engine which enables PC games to run on the Intel Mac OS.
Using URU companies can input the details of an individual and have the system search through a number of databases which include the Electoral Roll, the Death Register and the Post Office Address File.
Dr Abu Bakr Uru head of the Laboratories Unit participated in the Third National Symposium of the National Research on Faith Centre entitled "Islam and contemporary issues" held in April.
On January 31, 2000, a Transredes oil pipeline erupted and dumped an estimated 10,000 barrels of refined crude oil and gasoline into the Desaguadero River, which supports indigenous communities such as the Uru Muratos.
Most of Benedetti's early life was spent in Montevideo, Uru.
FEEDBACK ON the draft public health nursing (PHN) knowledge and skills framework, Te Rakau o te Uru, is due at the end of this month.
Julien (1987), las categorias aymara y uru encierran un indicador de riqueza en terminos regionales que resulta operativo a efectos tributarios mientras que los espanoles mas dependen de los indios para su abastecimiento, y van desapareciendo a medida que se impone el trabajo en las minas, hay algo en el caso de Lipes que no termina de encajar del todo.
Metals exploration and development company URU Metals Limited (LSE:URU) announced on Monday that Roger Lemaitre is joining the company as chief executive officer with immediate effect.