USBEUmea School of Business (Sweden)
USBEUnited States Book Exchange (Cleveland, OH)
USBEUS BioEnergy Corporation (stock symbol)
USBEUnified S-Band Equipment (US NASA)
USBEUniversal Serials and Book Exchange (est. 1948; clearinghouse)
USBEUS Bullion Exchange
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Changes to R277 were made because USBE supports school counselors, the Utah Model for Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance: K-12 Programs (USOE, 2008), and the difference that school counselors can make.
20) From 1958 to 1962 Waters was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the USBE.
USBE personnel will communicate outcomes of this process to the selected software providers.
Tenders are invited for Class Iii Digital Encryption Certificate With A Validity Of Two Years Digital Signature Feature Enable And Usbe Pass 2003 Confirming To Latest Technology.
Tenders are invited for Rcai Class-3 Digital Signature Certificate Along With Usbe.