USZUniversitaetsspital Zuerich (University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland)
USZUnterwasser Sport Zentrum (German: Underwater Sports Center; Switzerland)
USZUniversity of Szczecin (Poland)
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One in a first phase chose among 12000 exploitations covering 21 cereal communes, 120 agricultural units: 48 units in USZ, 25 units in CSZ and 49 units in LSZ.
Das usz sucht fr die planung der sia-phasen 32: bauprojekt, 41: ausschreibung und 51-53: realisierung bis abschluss geeignete planer.
Competitions Study application USZ Kernareal; Study order according to SIA 143 in a selective procedure
Contract notice: Provision of Usz technology unit tz-sued and modulbau south 2 in the park.
Contract notice: Transmission service for kaz / usz.