UTAPUnion Tunisiènne de l'Agriculture et de la Pêche (French)
UTAPUniversal Trail Assessment Process (mapping project)
UTAPUtah Technology Awareness Project (online educator assessment tool)
UTAPUnified Telerobotics Architecture Project (US NASA)
UTAPUniversity Technical Assistance Project
UTAPUSIGS Technical Architecture Profile
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UTAP also urged the new government to indemnify farmers and fishermen whose property suffered serious damage.
They walked very well, they spoke very well and there was absolutely nothing vulgar, "said Utap.
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UTAP called on NUG to place the file of farming among its priorities, at the moment when farmers and fishermen are going through a difficult situation which affected agricultural activity.
The UTAP Vice-President said about 2 billion m3 of water are lost in northwestern dams out of a total of 4.
Mabrouk Bahri reminded of the agreement concluded with the Tunisian Solidarity Bank under which the regional unions stemming from the agricultural organisation approve files submitted to UTAP to create agricultural projects that meet the criteria of efficiency and durability.
He stressed that the UTAP aims to raise the rate of investment in agriculture since the contribution of foreigners in private agricultural investment does not exceed 6% of the investment rate and 1% of the number of projects approved.
TAP) [yen]" [yen]|The Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fisheries (UTAP) intends to participate in the upcoming municipal elections by independent farmers[yen]AaAa lists or by allowing them to present themselves in partisan lists,[yen]AaAa said Saturday to TAP UTAP executive board member in charge of partnership, export and international co-operation Abdelkhalek Ajlani.
UTAP constantly adds or updates materials, and verifies content with program managers.
Accompanied by the president of UTAP and the ministers of agriculture and trade, the Prime Minister previously visited the exhibition's stands and discussed with Tunisian and foreign participants at the show.
Consultations have been conducted with various stakeholders, including the Ministries of Finance, Agriculture, Industry and Commerce as well as representatives of national organizations, including the UGTT, the UTAP and UTICA.
Under UTAP Produced Videos, select Introduction to Fire Suppression Systems.