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UTTUUnderground Tank Technology Update
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Uttu 2006 ' Distro; Independent fashion moves from margins to mainstream', Inside Indonesia 85 (January-March).
Enki's sexual encounter with Uttu is radically different from those with his other daughters.
13) Before approaching Uttu's house, Enki assumes the identity of the gardener who had given him the goods he was to bring to Uttu (lines 167-76):
16) From the text, it is clear that Uttu is eager to meet with her suitor, as shown by her eagerness in opening the door of her house.
After all, the plants he eats after having raped his daughters are the products of the sperm with which he was not able to impregnate Uttu.
Enlil assumes three different personas to seduce Ninlil, whereas Enki dresses up like a gardener when it is time to meet with Uttu.
This is precisely the persona Enki chooses to assume when he sets out to seduce Uttu.
Uttu, Enki's great-great-granddaughter and the last female victim of his predatory lust (EN 128-95) also cries out--Ah