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UuoUnunoctium (element 118)
UUOUnilateral Ureteral Obstruction
UUOUrban Underground Outfits (Long Beach, California)
UUOUnidentified Underwater Object
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ciliata ethanol extract (ECE) by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis, (2) to explore the antiinflammatory and anti-fibrosis effect of ECE in vitro, and (3) to assess the ameliorative effect of ECE on renal interstitial fibrosis induced by UUO.
All rats were sacrificed 14 days after UUO or sham operation.
Mild increases in BUN and CRE levels were observed after the UUO operation, and ECE treatment attenuated increased BUN and CRE (Table 2; not significant (n.
UUO increased the number of infiltrated macrophages in both genotypes compared to sham-operation.
qRT-PCR revealed significantly decreased production of TNF-a, TGF-[sz], IL-1[sz] and IL-6 mRNA in SPH-2 CKO mice at day 7 after UUO compared to sham-operation mice [Figure 4]a.
Despite increased apoptotic cells after UUO in both genotypes compared to sham-operation group, no significant difference was observed between SHP-2 CKO mice and control mice after UUO, suggesting SHP-2 CKO does not affect renal tubular epithelial cells apoptosis after UUO [Figure 5].
a] during 1-3 h following release of 24-h UUO in the control group and both treated-groups are not different and are equal to those of the sham group at the equivalent period.
On the other hand, other studies suggested that the direct mechanical stretch, ischaemia and increased Ang-II probably stimulated tubules to produce cytokines which were operant in down-regulating antioxidant enzymes to induce renal oxidative stress in the setting of UUO, especially at the early phase.
and urea and urinary concentrating ability following the release of 24-h UUO in the Los+AT group.
The kidneys were removed from mice at day 7 after UUO operation.
PF inhibited collagen deposition and tissue damage in kidneys of mice induced by UUO