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UuuUnununium (element 111)
UUUUniface Underground (hacker site)
UUUUnknown Unix User
UUUUniversity Unions United (umbrealla organization of college trade unions)
UUUUniversity Unitarian Universalist
UUUUgueth Urtain Urbina (baseball player)
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EPA currently is "interpreting" metalcasting facilities are subject to Subpart UUU because they operate sand reclamation units to reuse sand in the metalcasting process that meet the broad Subpart UUU "definition of calciners and dryers" that "process industrial sand.
The markets reacted positively to the news as UUU up 7% yesterday.
takes the lowest energy state of the A baryons [11] and therefore, its spatial wave function consists of three single particle symmetric s-waves of each of its three uuu quarks.
com, charity sponsors include Louis Vuitton, Dior, TF1 TV Group, UUU, SBM, Patron Spirits and Le Queenie, the club hosting the gala party.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently produced multiple regulations that are a concern for the metalcasting industry, including subjecting facilities to the Subpart UUU requirements on units used solely for the reclamation and reuse of industrial sand.
COMMENT: Although UUU announced that it second-quarter earnings were down slightly from USD$29.
which are the ground states of the uuu and ddd quark systems, respectively.
According to Bonner, Nirenberg's research followed method B and asked this descriptive question: "What amino acid does UUU code for?