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UuuUnununium (element 111)
UUUUniface Underground (hacker site)
UUUUnknown Unix User
UUUUniversity Unions United (umbrealla organization of college trade unions)
UUUUniversity Unitarian Universalist
UUUUgueth Urtain Urbina (baseball player)
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Neither cropping system nor soil depth significantly affected pH and CEC when comparing RRR to RUR, RUU or UUU (Table 3).
EPA currently is "interpreting" metalcasting facilities are subject to Subpart UUU because they operate sand reclamation units to reuse sand in the metalcasting process that meet the broad Subpart UUU "definition of calciners and dryers" that "process industrial sand.
A silent mutation occurs when there is a change in a DNA codon, but the amino acid that is inserted into a protein is not changed; for example, when the DNA codon UUU is altered by the mutation UUC, both produce the same protein, phenylalanine.
9, and is referred to in Alster's edition as source UUU.
For example, choriambic dimeter has the form - U U - | U - U - ; glyconic takes the form UUU | - U U - | U - .
Fiske asked, "If Exhibit UUU was fabricated for the purposes of the libel action or the criminal prosecution, who built it and why?
id=100010302374440&fref=photo), who has the following comment in Hebrew attached to it (This stupid son of a whore in Pisgat Ze'ev, Jerusalem):UoU[currency]UuUaeU[pounds sterling] UoUaeU- UuUoUaUo UaeUnUiUAEU[logical not] UuU.
Wu uuu uuuith nearly 3,000 away fans travelling to Anfield and more than 1,500 mak- mak ing the long 510-mile return trip to Charlton today, Karanka wants the fans to enjoy the team's form - but called on his players to focus.
O[acute accent]O[+ or -]O[logical not]UU UUU (@Sherj_) (https://twitter.
7 +4% Clinicals [S] Rank Previous Vendor/Product Konfidence Disclosure Buy Rank Level Level Again 1 1 Epic EpicCare uuu Full 100% Inpatient EMR 2 2 Cerner Millennium uuu Full 89% PowerChart 3 NA McKesson Paragon u Full 79% Cllnicats 4 3 Siemens Soarian uuu Full 75% Clinicals 5 4 Allscripts Sunrise uuu Majority 72% Clinical Manager 6 5 MEDITECH C/S uu Limited 70% Enterprise Medical Record v.